Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 156: man how grumpy.

It seems regardless of drinking or not drinking, I am prone to quite violent mood swings. While changing my eating/drinking/exercising/whatevering habits will for a time give me an annoyingly unwaveringly sunny disposition, after a while my brain and body seem to adapt and eventually shift back to moody stormsville. Today is a case in point. After yesterday's excitement, and even with many fun prospects ahead (a party, international travel, life in general) today I managed to be pretty much consistently pissed off, dark and down on shit. Why? No reason. Except maybe having had a couple of days off vigorous exercise. But man, if I can't take two days off without turning psycho, well even that in itself pisses me off. And no, before anyone hazards a foolish (and today dangerous) guess, it's not PMT or any other bullshit scapegoat for people's bad moods. It's just that sometimes I get over it, "it" being absolutely everything that is familiar or hampering or saw it yesterday. Then my escape instinct kicks in, and because usually actual escape is out of the question, I get even more over everything. Boo. Not the best to be around. Just thank your luckies you're reading this from the other side of the internet. Now what to do of an angry evening? I'm heading to the magic shop in a last ditch attempt at finding some frickin white rubber mice. (A sprinkle of banish grumpy dust probably wouldn't hurt either.)


  1. Wow, Claire! Have only just checked into your blog after a loooong time and enjoyed a hearty chuckle over your 'grumpy' log! Rest assured - your bad days at least have some excitement in them - you still manage to log in to the blog post!! Mine dull in comparison! I guess you could treat those gray days like the cloud of a hangover, when you swear that you won't go there again, but know that you will when this is all over! Hopefully that should boost your spirits (whoops - slip of the tongue!).

    Anyway - good luck with the trip preps. Sounds interesting. Will get some details from a certain fella on his return across the ditch !