Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 151: magic yoga.

As often happens when one gets a break from work, today I felt a bit sick. No big deals, just a persistent headache and a feeling around the throat like I might be getting a cold. Apart from dosing myself up with vitamins and spending most of the day doing various unstrenuous activities, I decided to take a gamble and go to yoga. I wasn't feeling body sick, just a bit off from the throat up, and I remembered reading in one of my numerous fad exercise books that that's the test for whether you can exercise or not (neck up - yes, neck down - no). Also, one of my yoga instructors once said that bikram yoga mimics the action of a fever in the body; it helps to purge toxins and bugs by heating up and sweating them out. I figured it would either totally banish the bug or send it to every cell in my body. It banished the bug. And so yoga works its magic again. You gotta love the hot room.

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