Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 160: positive steps.

As you may have noticed, I was pretty bummed by my party throwing experience. It left quite a lot of my inner pictures of friendly niceness shattered, with splatters of the sauce of human kindness on the wall (ew!). But today I decided that feeling bummed was not the way forward. From time to time we have run-ins with people being foul, selfish shits. It doesn't mean they have to bring us down with their low behaviour. So, I have resolved to withdraw a little from those repeat offenders, and learn a little from their shittiness; from now on I will not put myself out to accommodate them, I will put my own needs first. Being an astute bunch, you might have spotted that this approach is flawed, in that it perpetuates the very behaviour by which I have recently been so appalled. However, I don't plan to be selfish towards everyone, just a little more choosy with whom I go the extra mile for. Or invite to parties. Or probably in reality I'll get over this latest mortification and slip back into being nice to everyone and get done in by the same bunch of inconsiderate dicks, or another bunch, a few months down the track. Whatever. At least I'm not the one getting a reputation for being horrible. And until I do get done over again, I will be focusing on making other positive progress, with fitness, with my vocal training, with my band. So there. Step it up. Let's keep moving.

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