Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 329: how does one get Mark Ronson to produce one's song?

I was listening to Mark Ronson's latest album Record Collection today, and it occurred to me that it would be kind of rad to have him produce one of my songs. Yeah, no dir dipshit, everyone in the music universe right now would be up for a bit of Ronson action on one of their tracks. But you know, in the spirit of not giving a shit about what other people think is impossible, I am going to investigate further exactly what one might do to get one's tunes in the ears of said Ronson. Whether he digs them or not is another matter entirely, but you just never know.


  1. I'd spell his name right before you write to him.

  2. I got a management contact, he produced a few tracks on Solange's did The Neptunes (she was in good company!). Msg me and I'll share the details

  3. Good point, Jamie. I'm retarded. All fixed now.
    And Char Star, HOLY CRAP. Jumpin on the fbook now...