Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 327: happy about being healthy.

So Bill Clinton's gone vegan. Well well. People have a way of listening to ol' Bill, so maybe there's hope for the animal munching masses yet. A friend at work sent me this link this morning, and it refired my healthy eating engines. I have recently relaxed my militant veganism to include some dairy, some eggs and some fish. And while I don't think I'll go immediately back to the hyper vegan straight and narrow, I'll definitely try and keep my straying moments on the less frequent side. Because another thing I've noticed is that since getting back on the dairy etcet. my magic vegan skin has been unmagic-ed a bit by the odd zit. Whaa? Me not used to this. Not really looking forward to what the odd hit of alcohol might do on that front either. What I've been realising the last couple of days though, is that not drinking makes you feel great. Eating healthy vegan/vegetarian food also makes you feel great. And being a nice, healthy, happy human machine is the best ever. I am just so pleased that having been a person who truly believed they could not function for any real length of time without the help of booze, I have become a person who can. I have become a person who never ever has to weather the foulness that is waking up with a hangover. My experiences over the last few days of socialising completely happily without alcohol too, signal to me that I may have reached a new state of okay with this whole state of affairs. And when being healthy is making me feel so happy, why on earth would I stop now?

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  1. Bloody good point! I'll have the same decision/issue in 250 days or whatnot. Do I give up the turps forever?!?