Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 305: yellow-haired warrior.

Being as much of a Tarantino devotee as I am, you'd think I would have seen Kill Bill by now. Well I have. I watched it last night with my flatmate Tanya. And it made me love Tarantino all the more. He has such a brilliantly unadulterated approach to his subject and genre. He sets those two things and then goes mental in the purity of his drive to do them justice. Whatever his movies are about, they are all about; pure, simple, and fucking wickedly executed. Anyway, in Kill Bill, Uma's character is referred to as the yellow-haired warrior at one point. I liked that. It was inspiring. She is so freakin' hot and hardcore and kick-arse and single-minded and unrelenting (and yet with a forgotten softness somewhere behind her eyes) in that movie. It made me feel strong in my resolve and happy to be fighting my own little yellow-haired warrior battle (although I pride myself on keeping my hair rather more white blonde than yellow). So yeah alcohol, you can send as many kung fu fighters as you like to challenge me. You don't stand a chance.

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