Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 316: we are powerless.

Tonight, after a very pleasant dinner (at a cool vego joint) with my friend Niccola (who is awesome by the way), I sat down and watched a bit of Inside The Actors' Studio. Tonight's episode featured Anthony Hopkins, and at the end he said an interesting thing. He told the acting students he was talking to, to let go and relax because none of us has any control over what happens to us (and what a relief that is). As I think I've mentioned before, most of the really good things that have happened in my life, have kind of happened magically and effortlessly. I've just been doing what I've been doing and the forces of nature (or whatever) have conspired or aligned in a way that fits perfectly and results in happy events. Forcing things hasn't tended to work. In fact, the more I've tried to force things, the less those things have gone the way I wanted. Maybe just relaxing and rolling with things actually opens you up a little more to the opportunities around you. If you're too busy focusing doggedly on one narrow path, you don't notice the flowering magnolia on the side of the road. Well at least that theory would sit nicely with my little scatterbrain disorder. Screw focusing on stuff. Scatter seeds all over the place and see things burst into life as they come into season. La la la la laaaaaa.

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