Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 301: Spring is sprung.

It is a beautifully warm evening. When I stepped out into it after a crazy bejesus day at work, I felt instantly soothed by its soft air. And I felt excited too. How perfect of Spring to welcome us all with a pretty breath of the warmer days to come. She could have refused to arrive on time. She could have stayed in bed and let us grumble and freeze a little longer. But she didn't. Spring is my season, the one into which I was born, and I always feel a certain aligning of ducks, or planets or something around this time. It's like my cogs finally click together and things start working again. So yes, I feel lovely, calm and happy today, regardless of the chaos clambering noisily around me. And I may have had another idea. A frickin cool one. I know, I know. I should probably try to stop having new ideas and work more on making some of the old ones actually happen. But it's the first day of Spring. New ideas are bound to start bouncing. I think I'll let this one bounce about a bit more though, before I bore you with the details. Meanwhile I suggest you enjoy this lovely weather.

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