Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 323: internet as escape route.

This is totally off topic, so forgive me, but I have just had a weird experience. I left my laptop at work tonight, so don't have internet access here at home (I'm writing this on paper, you're reading it later, more weirdness, whatever...). Having done various activities (singing practice, dinner making) and having discovered TV to be the debilitatingly boring void it so often is, I actually felt claustrophobic. Not in any medical sense, but psychologically I felt trapped in my own home because I couldn't get on the net and go exploring. I couldn't reach out to other worlds, immerse myself in other places, seek out new information. In fact I'm still sitting here feeling a little out of sorts because of it. Better occupy myself with something else. A book perhaps.

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  1. yeah that freaks me out. sometimes i think my life would be richer without the net............