Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 317: sometimes all I want to do is dance.

Some days when I listen to certain songs I just wish that all that was required of me from this life was to find a space on a dance floor and dance. It would have to be in a club where only the fattest, most awesome tracks were played and where everyone pulled the coolest moves ever in their own free bubble of space, but yes, sometimes just to dance with like-minded individuals to radical music seems like the real reason I was put on the planet. Or maybe I have just defined a facet of my idea of heaven. Well there you go.
Oh, and while it's pretty old, here's my song of the moment. (Check out the Cut Copy remix for, in my opinion, a more satisfying treatment of the chorus.)
And here's another one I like. (She's a kiwi.)
That's all.

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