Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 324: a drinking partner.

Today I really was in the worst mood. Not so much angry but super dead-ended. I just felt like there were no routes out of the boring day-to-day, like the realisation of all my dreams was a million impossible miles away. I get like this. By now you know. It's a weird thing because it happens really quite regularly. Anyway, I didn't feel like anything was going to get me out of the zero zone today, but in a very last-minute turn of events, something did. I was about to go to a special screening of Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps with my flatmate Tanya, when my mate Kristie called inviting me to dinner afterwards at a cool restaurant in a nice part of town. Apparently she and Marty (her partner) were meeting their friend Damien and needed a fourth person to make up the group. Cue me. So I went to the movie (it was fine) and then went to dinner. But guess what. It turned out that Damien was on his own little non-drinking mission and had been a sober warrior for six months. Was it a set up, or just a coincidence? Whatever it was, we all had a truly radical time. And it was a really nice feeling to be having a cool time not drinking, and to not be the only one on my planet. It was also really awesome to be getting on swimmingly with a cool, new boy, feeling entirely at ease and happy, completely unaided by alcohol. You see, it can be done. It's all about the calibre of your company.

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