Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 328: bikini, espadrilles, silk dress, bubbles, bike.

As sometimes happens in the world of an advertising creative, I've had a bit of a quiet day today. And that tends to spell danger. Within the first 15 minutes of arriving at work I had spent over 300 british pounds on summer fashion. To be specific, on a bikini, a pair of espadrilles and a really cool silk dress. Oh, and a cardi. It's moments like these that stop me from ever achieving a fully clear credit card. But never mind. On other internet exploratory adventures, I also discovered a delectable sounding beverage called Pommac (thanks Kirsty). Apparently it's been around since 1919 (who knew? Quite a lot of people actually.), and it's a non-alcoholic, fizzy fruit drink aged in Champagne barrels. How delightful. Oh and where does the bike come in? Well I think in the spirit of randomness, I'll go for a bike ride this evening instead of sweating it out at yoga. Wheeeeeeee.

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