Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 307: facing the music.

I'm guessing I might be the most frustrating person in the world to read about when it comes to achieving goals. I rant on about how much I want to do a thing, only to fill my life with every other activity I can that is not the thing. And then I come up with ideas for even more projects to add on top that are also not the thing. If it's frustrating to read, try living it. I think maybe as some way of processing the recent rejections and shut-downs I have stomached on the band front, I have turned away from my music. I have two remaining singing lessons that I keep postponing. I have fully functional recording equipment that I keep ignoring. And I have focused my creative energies on coming up with other extremely time-consuming projects to try and fool myself into thinking I might be okay with forgetting about music altogether. The truth is, I feel like I might not actually be able to do a music project on my own, but that if I want my true musical vision to come alive, alone is how I need to do it. Hmm. Time to stop being a whus. I have 58 days to make something happen.

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  1. Claire, you wouldn't be the first person to dabble with music and then have to move on as things don't work out the way you imagined when singing in the shower at 14. That happens to about, well, every budding musician. It is a very high risk activity if you defer doing other things in reliance on having a successful career out of it. Almost no one makes a living. Like writers.