Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 86: stuff, time, energy.

Today I wrote 13 letters, invited 22 people for lunch, signed off some proofs, and discovered swordfish is high in dangerous ocean metals. I am a little exhausted. I kind of have been all week actually. Lord knows why. It's not like I have booze binges to blame anymore, and I've been being pretty healthy on all fronts as far as I know. I suppose sometimes you just get a bit tired. And there has been quite a lot busying around under the surface that is quite likely sucking out its fair share of energy. Psychologically I've been preparing to leave a longstanding job (and all the friends and security that goes with it) and begin a new one (new people, great expectations, trial periods, new routines: cue secret freakouts!). Then there's all the physical stuff to take care of, like cleaning out six and a half years of work stuff (dismantling my work toy collection and picture wall is a big enough job in itself, let alone sifting through all the very important paper I have accumulated). Just trying not to think about it is tiring! And then you add the normal stuff, like working, exercising, socialising, and trying to become a rock star. Phew. But really, I'm going to have to find a way to boost my battery packs. Because while I've been doing some towards the music project, and it is chugging along quite nicely, every time I mention the jet fuelled words "rock" and "star" I realise significantly more is required. It would be okay if I'd said I wanted to be a moderately successful musician playing regularly at a range of local pubs. But I didn't say that. I also do not expect to go from zero to rock hero in the space of 365 days. But if I'm going to get anywhere near it I need to start putting a little more zoom in my action plan. Thankfully, the not drinking side of things is going well and hasn't become a taxing mission of its own. Now that it does seem to be under control though, it might be time to sharpen the focus again on the other side of the challenge, and get a little more rocking and rolling. There are three things I can see that should be done while we continue to build our material: 1. Get vocal training. 2. Record the vocals for our tracks in a proper studio with good mics. 3. Hit the practice room to keep our live skills up and work out how we play the new tracks live. Plenty to go on with then. And of course there's the small issue of what we call ourselves. Don't get me started. Naming is one of my favourite things, and band naming can keep me awake for days. Right now losing sleep is the last thing I need.

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