Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 73: drinking song.

Y'all ready for this? Today I present one of the first songs of the as yet unnamed music project, for your aural appreciation and comment. This song has been kicking around for a little while now and appropriately, or ironically, is entirely about drinking. I wrote the lyrics about a year ago I think, sitting in the sunshine in a favourite pub from my university years, the Dux De Lux, sipping one of their house brewed beers after a winey lunch in Christchurch. As I recall, the words tumbled out in one sitting, and despite the booze fuzz softening my reflexes, I had that writerly tenacity you sometimes get, where I would not pen a line until I could express my exact feeling and thought. The words had to be perfect. It didn't actually take that long (maybe 20 minutes). The booze probably helped. It's an interesting thought that. When I told people in the very first days of this mission that I was stopping drinking with a view to make music and pursue rock stardom, some quite understandably reacted with "what the?!". I mean rock 'n' roll and heavy drinking are co-dependent bedfellows right? Some might say coming up with the rock 'n' roll goods relies on getting wasted. At the very least, most would agree being a little less than straight helps produce the general rebellion and abandon people are looking for in their neighbourhood rock star. So do you need to get wasted to make great art? I dunno. This song certainly wasn't conceived sober, and the concept is entirely drunken. But of course, you might think this song is crap. Or you might not. Shall we have a listen and see?
Here we go then. This is our Drinking Song.

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  1. No one is commenting! So I'm gonna. My two cents is that I really like the voice and the simple spare melody and angelic sweetness. But I think from a band/studio production perspective, it needs a huge meat truck of sound and noise and swirliness to surround it with rich lushness to make it into something amazing.