Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 75: life is sweet.

I have already had an awesome day and it is only 9.45am. The sun is out, the crickets are zizzing, and I have a fresh, hot coffee served up to me by one of the attractive and friendly boys at The Shop, my reward for my Sunday morning run. Being a healthy human being on a morning like this is a gift. Having jogged the pretty ups and downs of the eastern burbs, along lanes and streets lined with well kept terraced houses and leafy grown up trees, chatting loosely in between breaths to my big brother, and finishing in the cool, green park that is Rushcutters Bay with its yacht-filled marina, lapping water and harbour and city views, I couldn’t help but appreciate how lucky I am to be alive, here, right now. Just being up at 8am, breathing in the fresh oxygen pumped out by the trees, feeling the brain and body benefits of doing something active. Strolling home through nice neighbourhoods feeling happy and energised for the fresh expanse of day ahead. Passing by the grey, rinsed and sodden individuals still left over in Kings Cross from last night. Knowing the foul feeling of being a night creature turned monster by the touch of morning sunlight, but walking past it fresh as a daisy. There are so many pleasures to be had from the most basic human actions; moving, breathing, seeing, even simply being awake to see the day, I wonder when as a species we first felt the need to medicate for recreation? As children we have enormous amounts of fun without anything stronger than sugar to fuel our activities. Why as adults do we suddenly feel the need to inebriate ourselves? Well, people have their reasons. All I know is that right now, for me, not drinking is making perfect and quite beautiful sense. And engaging with the world in its purest and most basic form is proving quite sweet enough without the addition of any mind-altering tonic.

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