Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 78: keep on trucking.

Today has been a good day of getting on with stuff. I went to yoga bright and 5.30-ish-ly early and had a radical class. I had a generally productive morning, then went swimming at lunch time with the gals from work, which was a sun-shiny, cool-watery experience of pleasantness. And this evening I will record my new song over at Ben's house. This one is a little more pop than the Drinking Song I posted a few days ago (did anybody listen to it? I haven't heard a peep.). It is vaguely about not drinking, or more correctly, about making unpredictable choices and rolling with them; seeing where you end up. I will be posting more songs soon too, as we roll them off the production line. It is an interesting process writing songs. I can never tell whether the stuff I write hangs together stylistically or not. Obviously, we make conscious decisions about production and the like, but mainly I am beholden to what comes out. I pretty much never sit down and say "Today I will write a pop song" or "Today I will write something in the style of death metal". I just feel like something's on its way, and out pops some kind of song. Sometimes I feel like I'm more of a tube than a songwriter, with someone else feeding fully formed ditties in from somewhere in the ether (but that's just silly. People don't float around on the ether writing songs and putting them in the ends of tubes.). Anyway, it will be interesting to see what you lot think as the songs start to pile up. Are they a coherent, related group, or am I a schizoid weirdo when it comes to composing tunes? And is not pouring alcomohol down my own tubes actually helping the songwriting or robbing it of a certain je ne sais quoi? There will be tunes from both the sober and the sloshed sides of the line to compare. Well stay tuned my friends, and the answers to these and many other questions will no doubt materialise. Until they do, I will quite simply keep on trucking.

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