Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 60: the last supper.

It is the last night of my holiday in New Zealand. Tomorrow I must pack my bags and leave the farm for the airport, and wing my way back to steamy Sydney. It’s okay though. I have had a great time, survived many a drinking challenge, and spent pleasant interludes with innumerable family members and close friends. I’ve also got plenty of things that need doing this year and I’m keen to get started. I spent today lunching with my grandparents (who are aged 90 and 91), Dad and my cool aunty. These are all people I love and love being around, and they are all key members of my strength core (to coin a phrase); just the thought of them and their presence in the world helps me to carry on and to feel safe and strong. They have helped to build me, and they continue to help me stay standing. Then this evening, my dad’s good friend Jacqui took me and Dad out to dinner, which we followed with a drink at a tiny French cafe in one of the new, hip laneways in the city. Naturally I didn’t partake of the Mandarine Napoleon digestif or special port chosen by Jacqui and Dad. I opted instead for a Coke, poured from the tiniest, best looking glass bottle Coke have yet produced, and an espresso. Apart from a millisecond lamenting that I wasn’t sipping champagne in this darling pocket of Frenchness, it was an entirely enjoyable experience, and a fitting end to a fantastic break. And now what? I set back to the task of getting somewhere: with my music, my work, my relationships, my body, my brain, my bank balance. Will a new me rise from the rubble of my old ways in 2010? We can only wait and see.

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