Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 61: Heineken is history.

My second flight without alcohol went off without a hitch. Coke seems to be my new best friend, especially since I discovered that artificial sweeteners literally melt your organs. Better watch the Coke habit though. Don’t want to get enormous now do we. Not buying duty free saved me some dollars too. Awesome. And on swinging back into town, I discover Sydney is wet and positively arctic at 19 degrees C. Not quite the tropical hot house I have been painting for my kiwi compadres. Nevermind. Incidentally, as I was leaving the airport, my cab passed a billboard displaying a large Heineken beer bottle and the line “Some things you can’t share on a blog”. Like a beer dude. Apart from the rampant paranoid anti-blogism it’s displaying and a bemusing apparent desire to align the brand with techno-archaism, I liked it. But of course for this blog, they kind of missed the point. Not sharing a beer is the point for this blog. It’s why it exists. And wait a minute, what point are they actually trying to make? Presumably that Heineken is the real deal, a beer that originated before any hair-brained nincompoop generations started doing newfangled things like blogging. Unlike a blog, a Heineken is something you can hold. It’s something you can taste! Yes? No? Whatever. I am perfectly happy to be crowned Head Weirdo and blaze a trail into a non-beer-drinking, pro-blog-writing future. Are you with me? I’m guessing Heineken’s probably not.

P.S. I have always actually really liked Heineken. I definitely have nothing against their tasty beverage (except of course, in my current predicament, that it has alcohol in it). But I wonder who they’re targeting with their billboard. Older, slightly techno-phobic businessmen who secretly yearn for the old days when deals were made in person over as many drinks as it took to get the job done? Do people like that exist anymore? Or did that breed die out long ago of liver disease?

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