Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 49: happiness is…

It’s just past midnight and I am finally finished packing. I seem to be physically and mentally incapable of doing things like this any earlier than the last possible moment, although compared to other years I’m doing pretty well. My cab arrives at 6.30am. Plenty of time for shut eye yet. Part of the reason I started packing late-ish was that I had to do my Santa Claire rounds, dropping off presents to my beloved family members who will not be in NZ for Christmas. I did it on foot, as that’s how I get around mostly, so it took a little while. Ahh but what pleasantness. I started by visiting my little brother. I adore my little brother (all my siblings actually). I always have a fun and funny time hanging out with him. Tonight we watched the tail end of New Zealand’s Next Top Model together, which I kind of love, but which also triggers flurries of cringe-waves through my delicate cultural constitution. It was a perfect pocket of bro/sis happy hang time. Expectant nieces however, waiting patiently in the next neighbourhood with a fast approaching bedtime, meant I had to push on. There is nothing better at Christmas time, in my opinion, than a family home geared to kids and festivities. My sister’s house was the picture of pleasant pre-festive buzz. House guests with same-age kids, and other drop-in visitors gave the whole place a nice relaxed sociability. The children themselves had that magic only just contained excitement that specifically accompanies things like Christmas trees and presents wrapped up under it. It was one of those scenes where you feel so warm and at home and appreciated and just gosh darn happy… I felt like a very lucky girl. In particular, my sister and brother-in-law have really respected my decision to not drink and embraced the possibilities of the whole project. That kind of positive support really strengthens what I’m doing, and I’m really thankful to have people who are that cool in my life. On top of it all, I get to fly home to the farm tomorrow. Although if I want to make my flight, I’d probably better get snoozing right about now.

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