Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 51: twas the night before Christmas

and all through the house, not a thing stirred, not even a mouse. Well actually I can hear Clyde (arguably the best cat in the world) miaowing. And I’m tapping away too. But it is definitely very quiet out here. I just spent a very pleasant evening in the city with a group of my best and oldest friends. They are always such a joy to behold, their awesome faces so beautifully familiar and at the same time completely refreshing. It’s like drinking a big glass of water hanging out with them; it fills you up with pure goodness, and fortifies your ability to keep on living and doing what needs to be done. They are good peeps and I love ‘em. One had a bit of disturbing news though: apparently Angostura Bitters has gone out of business. And apparently they are the sole owners of the famous bitters recipe, and indeed the only people who know what’s in it. Could it be that another drink is off the menu? Jesus H. Speaking of whom, it’s almost birthday time. Better get some zeds so he can come down the chimney and give me presents (that’s how it works right? Or have I got things mixed up?).

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