Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 57: eating and drinking in the rain.

Okay, all this eating has got to stop. Today we went to a winery in Wainui, a bay not too far from Akaroa, for lunch. It was a nice excursion on a freezing and rainy day (welcome to summer in the South Island of NZ) and a very pleasant catch up with old friends. It was fun. Surprisingly, not drinking was incredibly easy, and really we didn’t go overboard with the food. But when we returned home we fell easily into our now routine of grazing randomly on various post Christmas snacks, and then ate burgers for dinner, with oven fries and coleslaw, followed by ice creams and afghan biscuits (homemade! Sensationally delicious!). This is a recipe for becoming enormous. I am only glad that again I wasn’t adding alcohol calories to the mix. It’s probably the only thing preventing me from returning home to Sydney with decidedly chubby chops. Maybe this arctic weather has sent us all into survival blubber mode (need insulation…eat more food). Oh well, I suppose it is the very end of the year and the wheels have to fall off at some stage (or spare tyres pile on as the case may be). I will try to correct matters somewhat by exercising tomorrow and laying off the choc (which should be easy now that we’ve eaten it all). In any case, a very enjoyable day was had by me and all. Bring on the last day of the year.

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