Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 69: hellfire Monday.

Holy crap it's hot again and the air con is down at work. Usually on workday mornings, I walk in (a 40-minute exercise), work up a light sweat (the dewy kind as opposed to the drenched and stinky variety), then step through the front doors into the welcome and chilly embrace of big office air conditioning. Not today. Today instead of breezing to my desk, the relief of coolness stroking my limbs, I was thwunked with a maddening brick of gyrating heat. Way to put you in a stinking mood. Lucky I don't get Monday-itis anymore aye. Otherwise I may well have turned into that steaming, angry little goat-like creature, the devil herself. (My little brother used to have a line he would use on me when he felt like stirring up some action: "Getting a bit titchy are ya? Titchy! Titchy! Titchy!" It worked like a dream every time because, as the line suggests, I do have a habit of "getting a bit titchy" sort of instantly from time to time. I think it's otherwise known as "having a short wick".). As it happened, I think I fired off a few mild fireballs of annoyance, then calmed down and set to the task of drinking water and green tea. Which I am still doing now. So yes, no burning beer desires today. Just plenty of cooling, calming hydrators.

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