Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 63: decision-making via jogging.

Okay, so I have made my decision. And I still can't tell you about it. Might I recommend though, for the next stressful, life-changing conundrum you face, that you try reaching for your joggers instead of a glass of wine? Now to be fair, I don't know that a glass of wine wouldn't have helped me to make the same choice. But what I do know is that a glass of wine wouldn't have had the same effect on my thighs and butt. The beauty of jogging as a method of problem-solving, I have discovered, is that you just have to keep going until the problem is solved. My little session of mental to-ing and fro-ing saw me circumnavigate the entire cycle circle of Centennial Park. Usually I would pussy out and cut across the middle half way around. So by the time I clattered to an oxygen deprived halt at the big park gates, I didn't just have my dilemma neatly ordered into yes option and no, I had also burned off at least one layer of Christmas cake, raspberries and ice cream (staples of my holiday diet, naturally). And what would a more wine-based approach have achieved? Some fuzzy logic no doubt, and a little extra padding to aid me in sitting on my arse. Oh how good it feels to be a pious, jogging, teetotaler. Then again, if the decision I've made turns out to be a fizzer, I reserve the right to run straight for the bottle (but only on day 366).

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