Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 71: New York dreaming.

Since I first visited New York city five years ago, I have been enchanted and smitten with the place and have harboured a not very secret dream of living and working there. Considering how sincerely I would like this dream to come true, it's weird I haven't done more to try and make it happen. I guess it hasn't yet seemed like a viable option. Anyway, just because the moment for actually residing in New York hasn't arrived yet, doesn't mean I can't go and get a big apple fix every so often. In fact I am planning a trip right now. The idea is to do New York, Texas and Mexico. New York because I am in love with it, Texas because I like cowboy boots and love hanging with my cousin who lives there, and Mexico because I think sombreros are going to be huge next summer (like literally). And I'll be doing all this some time around June/July. Which means, of course, I'll be doing it sober. Wober! New York without Cosmopolitans or Manhattans? Texas without beer? Mexico without tequila? Well I suppose I'm currently doing Sydney without sauvignon blanc, so how much harder can it really be? And why am I freaking out about it now? One day at a time sister, one day at a time! (Note to self: just because you're reading about an American alcoholic, doesn't mean you need to start talking like one.)

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