Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 70: drugs and alcohol.

While floating home in a pleasant bubble of post yoga body spentness last night, I passed a Chemist's window advertising a new drug. It's called Revivol (such a pretty spelling) and it claims to be a "symptomatic cure for hangovers", presumably meaning it masks or gets rid of the symptoms, effectively killing the hangover. I just love how "right now" this kind of a response to a problem is. Okay, so people are getting hangovers. Hmm what can we do about this? I know! We'll make a drug! A drug to drown out the effects of the other drug they've been soaking their organs with the night before. Did anybody think of maybe just avoiding the hangover in the first place? Like, I dunno, drinking a little less? But why drink less when you can drink lots then pop a pill and cheat the hangover? Well, cheat if you wanna. But I'll be here staging a little revivol of my own: the straight-up, no bull, no alcohol approach to hangover prevention.

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  1. There have been times when I myself have wished for a product such as this....But somewhere along the track, at some point, there is bound to be consequences for this way of thinking, Taking copious amounts of alcohol and drugs and then trying to counteract those with more drugs is not the greatest thing to do if you want a long and healthy life.