Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 296: Fridays are for drinking.

I just realised something a little bit crazy. I've mentioned it many a time before that for me, as a non-drinker, Fridays have lost a bit of their shine. They're another day, happily sitting next to two days off, which is good, but they don't promise the same dizzy excitement to me that I know they do to others. The crazy bit is that, as I have also pointed out on occasion, since not drinking, Mondays have lost their sense of doom. It's like Monday's borrowed a bit of Friday's mojo, leaving Friday at just fine and Monday at a-okay too. Weird. Anyway. While I sometimes go along to the pub on a Friday, other times I just don't fancy spending hours watching people sink piss and get wasted. At times like these I usually go to the movies. But I generally have to go on my own. Because sadly when it comes to Fridays most people, when given the choice, will choose their best friend the bottle every time.

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  1. Fridays are absolutely for drinking. I think I got pissed every Friday night, after work, from my student uni days which started in 1992 to 112 days ago. But if Fridays are for drinking, then Saturdays must be for being hungover, which sucks.