Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 270: call the rocks Ludo, call the rocks!

Me and my flatties just had a lovely evening. Tanya cooked dinner, James lit the fire, and we had dinner at the table then watched the Labyrinth by the fire sipping honey green almond tea. Kind of ridic for three fully grown adults, but it was cool watching a favourite movie of my childhood and actually getting all the metaphors (they're pretty obvious. As a kid I was aware there was something else going on (why do they keep saying "you take too much for granted" all the time?), but not exactly what.). I particularly liked the rocks this time. The mates that were willing to dive head first into the bog of eternal stench to help a friend, and that could be relied upon to come and help every time Ludo loosed his heartfelt yowl. I also liked the false alarms, the big faces in the rocks telling Sarah she was going the wrong way. It had a particular relevance for me, even at this decidedly un-teenage state of my development. Fuck the doubters, fuck the haters, I'm heading to the Goblin City.


  1. I want to watch Beastmaster again but I'm afraid that after more than 20 years it'll probably seem really shit.
    You know it wasn't really David Bowie doing the contact juggling, he had a hippy up his jumper. Sorry.

  2. I knew about the hippy. It was quite big news in the playground if I remember rightly.