Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 284: always go to the party.

Did I mention yesterday that I had a party to go to, and didn't really feel like going? Yes. And for a while there I really was teetering around thinking lying with my head under the sofa at home might be a better option. However, because it was the 30th birthday of an all round top lad, and because I had promised I was going, and because yesterday, in the mood I was in, hanging in my own company would have been truly unbearable, I went to the party. And it was really fun and cool. The music was radical, the crowd a group of kids who know how to party, and the place just the right shape and size for what was going down. It was great. And by the end of it, after much dancing, yabbering and munting around, I actually felt good again. The moral of the story? Always go to the party.

P.S. It should be noted that at this stage of my non-alcohol development I am actually very bored of going to parties or similar events stone cold sober. People at pissy parties are very wary of the soberly aware, and in general I think I would prefer to be more a part of the socially lubricated and easily mingling masses. However, I still have absolutely no desire whatsoever to be one of the obliterated females messily slathering kisses on boys they found not nearly so attractive only hours earlier, or just grazing themselves as they bash into walls. Not pretty. Not hot.

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