Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 287: yoga to the rescue.

Sometimes I think this should be called My Year Espousing The Virtues Of Yoga rather than My Year Off The Piss. In any case, I went to yoga this morning (bright and early at 6am), and it definitely energised me in the right direction. I felt calmer, more directed and more infused with positivity. And that helped me think more clearly about my little music conundrum. Obviously, the band idea isn't working. I could continue to push things in that direction, finding new band members, but that feels like the hard way to go about things. It feels like I'd be working against the flow of things. And I've been doing enough hard stuff this year, wading upstream against a torrent of sauvignon blancs, beers, Champagnes and vodka tonics, without adding another impediment to my achieving an easy life. I don't want to make a rash decision on this one, because I feel like it needs some decent thought, but here's where my head is today on my future music activities: I think I need to pursue a solo project, focusing on recording at first, and hopefully drawing on the occasional help of some of the people I know already. Nobody has to commit to a band, and I don't have to rely on anyone sticking with me to make the project work. Cool. And I also need to really push my NYC mission. Living in that city, for a time at least, is a dream I can't drop. And it needs to happen soon. The beauty of a solo music project, is that I can take it with me wherever I go. So yep, looks like I'm on the lone road again. But that's alright. Today, I feel pretty good about it.

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  1. YES! Solo it all the way - the universe has been trying to tell you this FOR AGES and has even resorted to taking people away from you in a desperate bid to make its point ;-) Channel Madonna (back when she was good) . . . can't imagine she would ever have waited around for anybody. Her success has been all about hooking up with the right awesome producer of the day on a project by project basis.