Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 283: turning anger into music.

My internal freak outs about the state of my everything lately have left me feeling a little frazzled and exhausted. Today I woke up in a general mood of over it (hilariously, (hilariously?!) my fug feeling was something akin to a hangover. I kind of felt a bit stuffed up, and bleary, and tired and intolerant. Watch out world, here comes Stormcloud Falloon.). To deal with this I elected to do only what was absolutely required of me, or whatever happened to appeal to my contrary mind. Lucky it was a Saturday. And so I showered (didn't wash my hair, couldn't be arsed), ate breakfast (toast, minimum effort), drank some tea, and happily ignored the enormous pile of clean washing begging to be folded and put away. And then my big sis called, and I went on a mooch to meet her at some of our favourite shops. The sun was shining, so this was all okay. I lazied my way into various places, tried on shades (cool ones), picked up a soy latte, and eventually met my sister and helped her pick out some threads for hubby DK. And while this was all actually very pleasant and just the kind of untethered blah-ing around I was after, I just couldn't shake my mood of lo fi anti attitude. I just kind of couldn't give a shit about anyone or anything. But as I was strolling home in my grizzly fuzz, my mood formed into a lyric. I wasn't home more than half an hour and my angry lyric had become a fully formed song. A really cool one. So while my crap mood really still hasn't dissipated, at least I got something satisfying out of it. Such is the awesomeness of music. And now I have to go to a party, which, while not really what I feel like doing, is a much better option than staying home and grizzling around the house.

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