Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 276: pieces of progress.

Did I mention that I had a meeting with the prospective guitarist for my new band? Well I did. I think it went well. He seemed to be into the project, is a fan of the proposed genre (50s-ish rock 'n' roll), and was generally quite impressively knowledgeable about music, the crafting of it and other things too. Or he was just acting confident. Either way it kind of freaked me out. I suddenly got a bit worried about my own not so extensive knowledge of anything, and being exposed as being what my little brother refers to as "a bit limmy" (that's "limited", for the uninitiated). I think that, combined with too many buffetings at work and depleted energy supplies, is what triggered my little confidence crisis the other day. Anyway, on further reflection I decided knowledge doesn't matter as much as the ability to feel and express the music. And I can't magically become a different person or conjure learning I haven't done, so I might as well face the reality of things and just see what happens. Yes? Let's keep moving.

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