Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 278: a telling moment.

Okay, I need to fess up about two things. First thing: because I think it would be wrong to complain endlessly about there being no decent men in Sydney without having exhausted all the options, I have subscribed to (It's a dating website that claims to use almost scientific processes to match you with truly compatible partners. Yup, whatever.) Second thing: while filling out one of their extensive questionnaires, I lied. Instead of checking the "never" box when it asked about my alcoholic drinking habits, I lied that I drink about once a week. Why did I lie? Because I knew that no man in his right mind would be attracted to a girl who never drinks at all. Not drinking says no fun, no party. Not drinking says not relaxed. Not drinking says some ominous reason why not, lurking in the past. Better to be moderate right? It says something about me though, and my attitude to drinking at this 278th day point, that the man I want in my future is a drinker. But I guess that's not so strange. Let's face it, with tastes like mine, to narrow the choice further by removing all drinkers would be a sentence of lifetime celibacy. And at this stage I am definitely not anti alcohol. As an occasional social relaxant, I see it as an entirely appropriate and pleasant addition to civilised human life. And as for eharmony? Judging by the candidates so far, signing up might be a moment I come to regret. Only time will tell. I'll tell you how I go.

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  1. Good luck.
    People can be a bit weird around a teetotalist. They get intimidated by the sobriety, like someone’s watching them and remembering more than they should. It makes them guarded. Although usually it’s only the people who are annoying, embarrassing or boring drunks, or who can’t get laid with a sober girl.
    An easy going secure fella wouldn’t care at all if you drank or not.
    I recon you could filter out all the undesirables straight away by telling the truth. Just tell them what you’re doing. It’s a good ice breaker.