Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 279: this is getting ridiculous.

Last night I went into the yoga room and put my mat down next to another mat, the owner of which was elsewhere. And then the owner came back. It was yoga boy. And so we did our class next to each other, which was fine. At one point we even got eye contact, when he was checking it was okay to move my mat a bit so he didn't sweat all over it (I really wouldn't have minded). Then after class, I went into the change rooms, got my showering stuff and went to queue for the showers, and who should be directly in front of me in the line? You guessed it. And then the person in front of him went into one of the showers and there was no one else behind me, so we were the only two people waiting in line. And then what happened? Absolutely nothing. There was definitely some kind of nervous tension, but it's quite likely that was all coming off me. And he did kind of twist in my direction at one point (am I a teenager now?!). But all I could do was drink studiously from my water bottle. I mean seriously, this is taking shyness to a new and ridiculous level. Add to this an acutely embarrassing session answering questions on eharmony this afternoon (I think it's humanly impossible to come off sounding cool on that site) and you've got a recipe for me feeling like a complete dick. As open-minded as I wanted to be, I think eharmony has to go. And if yoga boy could just step into the breach, that would be ace.


  1. Do it Claire. Sweat on his mat!

  2. Haha after last time when he turned up with another chick and you were gutted, you should grow some balls and make a move before he finds another yoga chick to hang out with. DO IT.

    He's only a boy after all.

  3. Hey Claire, I think you should add Yoga Boy to your challenges for this year! I'm pretty sure we've all been waiting for you to make your move, he might be shy too!!!!