Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 268: jealousy and boredom.

Tomorrow I'm going to a farewell party for two gal pals heading over to live in New York. One will be studying fashion design, the other working in advertising. They're both awesome and fun and smart and cool and are about to have the TIME OF THEIR LIVES. I'm happy for them. And totally jealous. In other news of small, unattractive emotions, I'm also feeling kind of bored. All of my work mates are at the pub and will be for some while, the drinks trolley has done its rounds and delivered me my unbelievably exciting orange juice, and I just seem to be a million miles away from the pumping excitement factory that was my holiday, New York City, and all the fun people and things I encountered on my travels. Hello reality. Boohoo. Cue foot-stamping, arm and leg flailing, and writhing around on the ground getting dirt in my tears. Whatever. I'm going home to play my guitar.

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  1. There there...
    back to the plan, it would be good to hear some more of your guitar/singing stuff, when are we going to get some demos? Don't be shy now!