Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 259: too much crap.

Today I got a bit overloaded at work and it kind of sent everything careering a bit out of control. Many things that were meant to get done, did not get done. Which is fine. That's life. But somehow it kind of reminded me how much other shit I need to do and how kind of overloaded with crap one's life can become. It's probably the travel that's triggered it, but the last couple of weeks I have been looking around at the stuff I have amassed and have felt a real desire to get rid of it all. I have too many clothes, too many beauty products, too many CDs, too many accessories, too many pieces of musical equipment, too many stupid pieces of paper. It's like I keep all this stuff in case I need it some day. How liberating would it be to just turf everything and start again with just the pieces that you need? So yeah, physically my life feels like it needs a clear out. And then there's all the stuff I need to do. Singing lessons, bass lessons, driving lessons, tax returns, demoing songs, dentist's appointments, sourcing a drummer, sorting out my home computing situation, working on my New York plan, oh yeah, and holding down a job, and trying to maintain some sense of sociability. I hate it when I get like this because my scatteredness is so apparent. With so many competing taxes on my mind and time, does anything have a hope of getting done? Okay, so what do I actually need to do? Chuck some shit out, clean some shit up, run a bunch of errands, and only worry about the stuff I can deal with right now. And chill the fuck out.

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