Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 240: new (awful) kids on the block.

I think it should be stated for the record that the Cabo Surf Hotel is totally awesome. It is an enchanting little hidey hole of peace and beauty and gnarly waves for surfing dude. It isn't pretentious but it is luxurious in that when the gates close behind your air conditioned taxi van, you enter a calm haven containing a handful of white, balconied, some hammocked villas all facing the almost soporifically mesmerising waves (they keep sucking me into blissed out reveries) with chilled, happy surfers zizzing back and forth on them in an entirely charming fashion. You can imagine how upsetting it was to discover this afternoon that my sanctuary had been invaded by a group of loud, obnoxious cocks. The new kids are a post wedding party with a fondness for vodka shots and Lady Gaga. How do I know this? Because they YELLED IT ACROSS THE POOL they were inundating this evening. Oh, and the bride's wedding dress and veil is hung up in her Mom and Dad's room just so, so please don't move it okay? Now in actual fact I've got nothing against Gaga, or vodka shots, or post wedding holiday parties even. But if the bride must live her moment out loud, I'd appreciate it if she'd turn the volume down a little so I don't have to live it with her. On the upside, if what I couldn't avoid gathering over dinner is true, the newly Mrs Awesome, her beefcake husband et al will be heading into Cabo San Lucas (my favourite place) tonight to party it up. And that means tomorrow at 8am they'll be nowhere near my precious waves when I will be up surfing them. Of course, if by some miracle they are up and about and fucking with my shit, let's hope they're smart enough to stay off my surf. (What do you mean it's this attitude that stops me meeting new people? Really? Oh.)

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