Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 254: on second thought...

I have been thinking about my little drummer abandonment issue, and I'm starting to think it might not be so bad. As I said the other day, my logical head understands the situation my friend is in, and I think logic might have managed to talk emotional around. It still, to me, marks the end of an era, and in that sense it's still a bit sad. But there's also something else going on here. I have remarked upon it several times already, and I think it needs remarking again, that this year has had an undeniable theme; whether I like it or not, whether through choice or duress, I have been compelled to go my own way. It may have started with my decision to ban the bottle for a year, or maybe that was just a symptom of my developing condition. Whatever it is, this year events and circumstances have conspired to send me on a path paved only for me. And it hasn't always been easy. But when life decides to send you messages like these, you don't get the option to take it or leave it. It's more of a like it or lump it sitch. Well sir, I've decided I like it. If this is the way things are going, let's roll with it and see where my (somewhat forceful) tour guide would have me end up.


  1. You're having your Saturn Return :) look up saturnsisters dot net or google 'Surviving Saturn's Return' :)

  2. Riiiiiiight. That could explain a few things.