Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 247: flick the switch.

Is it possible to miss a person you've known for approximately 14 hours? If you didn't pick it up from yesterday's somewhat dreamy entry, I met a really cool boy in LA, had a really fun time with him, and then left the continent. And today I have been just sort of wishing I could have had more time to get to know him. Missing him kind of, if, as I said, that's possible. I have also been missing the LAness of LA, the New Yorkness of New York, the me-ness of me in those places. All day my head has been transporting me back to where I'd rather be. I don't want to be back in the normal zone. I want to be in the exciting newness zone. Which is all very predictable. But really, this time it feels different. It's not just a matter of post holiday pining, it is an urgent sense of where I must go next, where I must go soon, where I must be now. So I guess I'll be working on that. On a completely different note, you may have noticed I haven't mentioned alcohol a lot lately. That's because, except for the infamous blueberry lemonade incident, it hasn't been giving me any trouble. On holiday there were two, maybe three moments when I really thought a glass of something would be nice - at dinner in New York at The Standard Grill (a great spot for a vegan too), at dinner at The Chateau Marmont where Champagne seemed completely appropriate, and in the bar with R (the boy) when it just would have been fun. Oh, and while we're on the subject, I can now happily confirm that it is entirely possible to have one's switch flicked by a boy, unaided by alcohol. That sounds naughtier than I meant it to, but that's alright.

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