Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 249: bored of not drinking.

The last few days I have noticed alcohol slipping back into my consciousness as an attractive thing. It's not that I have had any overwhelming desire to drink, just that I have started to feel bored with the whole super-purity deal. I am still committed to being vegan, and I'm happy with that. But this whole not having a glass of Champers while everyone else does thing is starting to feel less like a crusade of empowerment and more like an exercise in tedium. Of course, I can't for the life of me remember the actual sensation of being hung over, and looking grey and feeling shit is equally as blah a concept as teetotalism. Maybe the whole subject is tired. To drink or not to drink? Who cares? It's kind of funny that as a society we base whole nights around a beverage. Imagine if Friday night was juice night instead of a time for boozing. And imagine what we could do too, if we put as much energy into other stuff as we do into procuring, drinking and recovering from alcohol. Just think of the genuinely interesting things we might discover, achieve and do.

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  1. This is interesting. That's the cycle for many people who give up the turps I think. All fun and games and then you get bored. I'm still doing ok at I'm definitely healthier but of course I get pangs of regret, pretty often. But it's hard isn't it. If grog is a great love - and for me it is, then one wonders if you can only ignore it for so long. I'd love to be on the turps for an afternoon with some mates for a few laughs. But I guess for my health I'm not doing that for 12 months. Makes me a bit sad even remembering how it used to be. I've had some of my most exciting times on the grog - sex, mateship, laughs, work bonding. All of it. Something to look forward to. Something to enjoy over a meal. It's got it all. Going off the grog is tough.