Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 265: 100 days to go.

Not that I'm counting. And probably to a drinker 100 days of not drinking seems like an eternity. But to me 100 days is a hop, skip and a jump; an end very much in sight. So on reaching this non-drinking landmark, where do I find myself? Well first of all, I am very, very happy. After a number of previous musical hiccups, my new project is starting to take quite convincing shape. I am happy in my work, and Mondays still don't give me trouble. I am happily vegan, happily doing my yoga and jogging and even more happily receiving the compliments on nice skin/healthy glow/good shape I keep getting. I actually feel like an attractive human being who's worth something too, which is nice, and I have seen the return of my confidence with boys. I've started taking actual steps towards achieving my dream of living in New York. Oh yeah, and I have 265 days of blog behind me, which as a writing exercise has been a complete pleasure and represents something of an achievement. I suppose the funny thing is, that instead of looking forward to the end of my 365 days, the closer I get to my completion date, the less I care about it. I am certainly excited about what is in store for me over the coming months, because I have a feeling there will be some good developments. But about alcohol, I am indifferent. A drink will be fine, or maybe it will be shit. Whatever the case, drinks of any variety are peripheral. I'm much more interested in all the good stuff going on in life.


  1. depending on what happens in the end, I think your blog is a great achievement in itself. Except for the bit where you skipped a few days when you were travelling, but that’s allowed. Maybe you should become a novelist. You don’t need a drummer or pesky microphones for that.

  2. i've just come to the realisation of what am IIII going to do when you finish this journey!? i'm going to have nothing to read at work!