Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 238: surf mania!

After yesterday's bout of initial Horse Camp Feeling (have I told you about Horse Camp Feeling? I can't remember. There's not time to explain this instant, but just know it involves getting a quivery bottom lip and wishing you could go home to Mummy), I decided to take the bull by the horns, and I signed up for a surfing lesson. This is, after all, the Cabo Surf Hotel I'm staying at, so I thought I'd better do some frickin surfing right? And oh mah Gahd I think I'm a little bit totally hooked. I had a very nice Mexican (I think - actually he could have been from anywhere that involves having an accent) surfing instructor called Daniel to show me the ropes, and I stood up several times for prolonged stretches of what I think could actually be classed as - wait for it - surfing. And now I want to be awesome at it (actually I don't care about being awesome as long as I can just do it!) and I want to surf every day! So I am going to surf every day. At least definitely every day this week.

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