Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 218: icy winds and vocal progress.

The evening air outside tonight is really cold for Sydney. It's made me think I may have to wear a coat tomorrow (remember most of the time in these parts thongs are acceptable footwear, and the difference between summer and winter is a singlet or a jacket over the singlet.) Lucky I'm going to New York in a week. Too much coat wearing could have gotten very tiring. It's actually just occurred to me that I have a lot to do before I take off, and not a lot of spare time in which to do it. But enough about that. Despite myriad pressing tasks, I have managed to get back on track with my vocal exercises, and I think I'm finding a new place in my voice that sort of wasn't there before. It's giving me ideas about a possible new vocal style and musical direction for a group. So that's good. At least it makes me feel a tiny bit better about not having made it to the music shop today to talk mics, computers and usb interfaces with the tech boys there (I will conquer this mic problem if it kills me). Maybe tomorrow I will brave the icy winds (in my coat) and see if I can't make another tiny bit of progress. Not so much baby steps. More in the zone of an ant.

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