Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 221: flustered.

Today I discovered that I had been paid less than usual, due most likely to some kind of mix-up around my leave entitlements. I say "mix-up" at this point because I am giving our payroll guy the benefit of the doubt - that he is not a dodgy bastard and simply made a genuine mistake. If he gives me trouble about it, I will revert immediately to the former description and put him permanently in the category of fuckwit. Apologies, that's probably a little strong, but screwing with people's pay at any time is shitty behaviour, especially when a person is about to embark on an enormous holiday overseas. In my case it put me in a momentary state of extremely flustered. It wasn't that the amount of cash was going to wreck everything, only that it put all my calculations out of whack and put a disorganised, out-of-control spin on proceedings. It's not what you need when you're about to step into the generally unknown territory that is other countries. Anyway, after scittering around for half an hour like a startled chicken, I stopped, took some deep breaths and got on with all the holiday prep stuff I had to do anyway. Like buying a digital camera and a new iPod, and washing every t-shirt, knicker and sock I have ever owned. Important stuff. And then because I really needed it by this point, I went to yoga and did probably my dizziest class yet (that's what flustering will do for you). But now, thankfully, I am finally calm again, and I'm off to Ben's house to watch some rugby and drink some more of my fake red wine.

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