Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 230: following impulses.

Today I sponsored a child in Guatemala, bought four colours of nail polish, lip balm, skin products, presents for family, an iced green tea and a 60s vintage bass guitar. In that order. Don't ask me why I chose today to become a caring person who sponsors children (actually it was because the nice boy telling me about the whole thing was working out in the very hot sun all day and I just couldn't say no, to him or to the little girl with a very bleak future who I could help out for 20 bucks a month - yes he totally closed me, but I'm glad he did.). Oh and the bass guitar? Well that's easy: I'm a sucker for pretty things. And for bass guitars. And I've had it in mind for a while to maybe start a solo project that basically consists of me and my bass, and I really felt that to do that well, I needed more of a signature guitar. Now I have one. It's an Italian made Eko, built some time in the 60s, with a silver sparkle body and a leopard skin pickboard. Well not actual leopard skin, but close enough. What's more, buying this bass means I don't have to buy the $7,900 White Gretsche Falcon I had my eye on. Lucky that. And yes, if you think I've been a bit impulsive on all of this, you'd probably be right. Only I have a good feeling about the events of today, kind of like serendipity was on my side. Oh yeah, and did I mention I bought a bass guitar last time I was in NYC? It's becoming a bit of a tradition. That purchase was even more impulsive in fact, considering I didn't even play bass at the time. And you know what? It worked out fine.


  1. Hey, I have been following your blog as I am a fellow piss head who is attempting to throw it away for a extended period of time! But freaky thing, I have just recently decided to volunteer in an orphanage and was just having a look at where i should go and Guatemala came up tonight. And then I read your blog and BANG there is my sign!! So thats where im gunna shoot off too! Cheers

  2. singer-girl, leopard-skin sparkling bass guitar. sounds quite groovy. I think you've got your USP there claire.

  3. Wow ej! Go for it. Be careful! Keep not drinking!
    And yes Jamie, I'm working on it. It might just be coming together...