Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 229: cruising the city.

The last few days have been pretty action packed, so today I found it necessary to sleep in. Going out all day every day tends to take it out of you, especially when you're negotiating the ever-zizzing island of Manhattan. When I finally did get myself up and out, it was pleasant just cruising the streets with only the vaguest of intentions to head uptown. It meant I could happen upon things and check them out, like I did when I discovered an African music Summer Stage concert happening in Central Park. I have found on this and previous trips that if ever I feel agitated, the best place to leg it to is Central Park. It's so green and calming and leafy and sort of soft and pleasant. Today it wasn't so much that I felt agitated, only that I was feeling the gap of my distant mates and family who, if they were here on a hot steamy day like this, would be the perfect crew for a pleasant New York style picnic in the park. It just kind of made me think about what's possible and what's not. I love this city and would dearly love to live here, but what would life be like without my favourite pals and fam? It would probably be possible for me to live here, but it wouldn't be possible for all those people I love to live here too. To worry about such scenarios, of course, is silly. And, seeing as my city cruising kept me out until nearly 10pm again (the time just zings by. One minute you're having lunch, the next it's time for bed.) I think a better idea than worrying might be to sleep on it.

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