Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 219: hooray, not hooray.

Today I proved I am not just a stupid girl when it comes to recording software and usb interfaces, and that I actually might know what I'm talking about sometimes. Hooray. However, I proved this through my discovery at the music shop that the usb interface I bought was faulty and not working. Not hooray. But then the nice boy at the shop offered me an upgrade to a better box at no extra cost. Hooray! But then there were none in stock and new ones weren't coming in for a week. Not hooray. And then it occurred to me that I'm going away on holiday for three weeks. Hooraaaaaaaay! So I wouldn't have been recording anyway. Which isn't really a not hooray, it's just a fact of life. So yes, I have solved my mic problem, and it wasn't just me being stupid, but I'm no further down the recording path than I was three weeks ago, and won't be any further in another three weeks. But somehow I still feel like I've made some progress. I guess it's that I persevered even when it was depressing and tedious as all hell, and in the end I got an answer. And I've discovered and understood a few extra little things about my computer and the software and all that crap that I didn't know before. So like I said, I'm ant-steppin' along. Hooray.

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