Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 222: a perfect Sunday.

Ah what a lovely day I have just had. It started with a jog with one brother (the other slept in), followed by a very delicious soy latte from a shop where the pleasantly accented barista was both pleasing to the eye and pleasingly interested in veganism (the things I get off on these days. Veganism? Really?). Then I took care of some pressing pre-holiday tasks (I always leave everything to the last minute and am quietly freaking out! Not really, but sort of.) and then I went to my sister's house for an absolutely perfect Sunday lunch. Dean, her husband, had cooked a delectable and wholesome spread of rustic vegetable soup (a really yummy herby broth with whole baby carrots, pumpkin, baby peeled potatoes etc in it), barbeque chicken wings (which I didn't taste, but which were a hit with the rest of the table), fresh corn on the cob and warm crusty bread rolls. And the whole family, including all my brothers and sisters and sisters-and-brothers-in-law and nieces and nephew all sat up around the table, and it was great. I also drank some of my other bottle of fake wine - a white this time - and while it certainly didn't taste like the real thing, it did taste more adult than orange juice and not nearly as sweet as some of the fake bubblies I've tried. So yes, a beautiful day of family and food and fun and almost wine. The perfect relaxing and rejuvenating occasion to fuel my cylinders before I jet out for three weeks of waahoo!

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