Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 235: food so perfect it's puke worthy.

Okay, so I know it's ridiculous that I'm blogging about a supermarket, but today I found the nirvana of healthy food shopping experiences: Whole Foods Market. This American chain is just like any other supermarket, except that it kicks every single other one's arse in every single way. It's huge, it's FULL of every vegan, organic, biodynamic product you could ever desire or need, and it has a comprehensive cafe/food bar section where you can make or pick your own perfectly balanced lunch or dinner of just about any variety. I suppose this is one of the benefits humungo populations can enjoy. Today we went there and I made an awesome salad from the salad bar (including organic quinoa - what supermarket salad bar has quinoa??), bought an organic soy latte, some organic alcohol-free wine and some organic fair trade 70% cocoa chocolate. I felt like a sickeningly perfect, stupidly fashionable, healthy, happy angel with a good karma halo - which come to think of it, might have contributed to my cousin feeling the need to hurl into a bush in the car park. She said it was because of a migraine, but you just never know.

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