Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 232: crazy weirdness.

Hokey dokey. Today I left New York City (sob) and flew to Houston to see my beloved cousin Charlotte and her totally awesome Texan fiance Ryan (Yay! Hi guys). Now, I have seen literally nothing of Houston yet, but in the two hours or so I've been here I've seen some weird shit. Mainly on TV actually. In New York I watched absolutely zero TV so the shit I saw today probably has nothing to do with Houston per se. I guess it's just that seeing an infomercial on a hair removal system called a "no!no!" where the chicks advertising it kept emphasising the fact you could take hair off your face (awesome! just what every girl's always wanted!), and then seeing an Oprah show where one seemingly normal family was in debt up to their eyeballs because they didn't do laundry and just bought new clothes all the time instead, and another family ate takeaways for every meal of the day exclusively off plastic plates with plastic cutlery and cups (and spent $700 a week on food and thousands on plates a year as a result), combined with the crazy billboards I saw driving from the airport, a seriously spaced out cab driver and the fact that I am writing this in the lobby of an enormous apartment building with giant, hot pink arm chairs and quite a large number of other glam decor adornments, and the Texan accents - take a breath. I just have a feeling I'm not in Kansas anymore Dorothy - I'm in Texas! (Is Kansas in Texas? Sorry, I'm a little geographically challenged in the brain department.) I wonder how teetotal veganism goes over in these parts... Well, I guess I'm about to find out.

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